Monday, April 5, 2010

Settling in a bit

It has been a crazy last couple of weeks! Between moving, running a 10k, work, getting ready for a baby and to top it off we spent the first couple of nights in our new place without power. It was supposed to get turned on that Friday, but because of some technical difficulties it did not happen until Monday.

Did I mention that I moved the same day as the race? In case you were wondering...the race went off without a hitch. Well....just one pit stop at about mile #3. One thing I love about this race is the way that it brings out the community.

Me before the race....after my final morning bathroom trip...or at least so I thought..

crossing the finish line..what a good feeling!

In the process of moving and all of the other stuff I have had going on I have been not eating the best. For example...

fries and ice cream!

Ya, I know bad idea and believe me I have been paying the price. This week I have been getting more on track with being pro-active regarding my UC.
One thing that I have been doing is only drinking warm water. That has been something that I have seen drastic improvement from doing.

I was skeptical at first but I figured maybe there is something to this so I gave it a shot and much to my surprise it has been very helpful. I hope that others can find this helpful as well.
As with any method or diet that I have tried, I have found it important to remember to have a balance. In other words even though I have been drinking cold water most of the time it is not the end of the world if I have something cold sometimes. I try to remember this with my diet overall.

While I know that I need to be very intentional about what I eat and don't eat. It is okay if I sway away from that sometimes. I learned this lesson in the early days after being diagnosed with UC. I felt like I would never again be able to eat anything that I once enjoyed. It was very frustrating and at times very depressing. I love a bowl of ice cream sometimes.

Nothing hits the spot on some days like a cold beer. I know that after having these things my colon more than likely will pay the price. Again I come back to what I said about having a balance. The weather is getting warmer so these are hard to turn down sometimes and that's just fine. Having UC or not. I just need to know that if I do....a bathroom should be nearby!