Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hit me with music....

Ever since I can remember, I have loved music. Somewhere floating around at my parent’s house is a picture of me at a very young age holding a Mickey mouse guitar. My dad is where I feel like I inherited this.

It was not until my 21st birthday did I get my first guitar and start taking lessons. While I did fall in love with the guitar from the minute I started playing, I found myself wondering how many potential guitar players had given it up when confronted with playing ”bar” chords? I have stuck with it though. It is one thing that I have stuck with and not given up on. I can tend to be a really at starting things, but often don’t follow through with them. If there is one thing I could snap my fingers and change about myself it would be that. I really hate that about myself.

I believe I have mentioned that me and my wife Brittany are expecting a baby boy. The due date is July 22nd. While I could not be more elated about this “minor” detail about my life has got this old brain doing a lot of introspective thought recently. After all, in just a few short weeks my life will be forever changed. This brings me back to music and guitar.

I will be 32 in August. Music has been something that has been such a passion for me. No matter how hard I have tried, it seems to be a switch that cannot be shut off. Part of me feels like I have completely missed that boat or opportunity. Whatever that would have entailed, I don’t know. I should just grow up and fall in line, right? After all, aren’t what most 32 year olds doing is falling in line, being average, working the nine to five only looking back years later to see missed opportunity after missed opportunity.

I am not saying that I want to ignore every responsibility that I am faced with because of chasing some pipe dream, or having a little peter pan syndrome going on. What I am saying is that I firmly believe that there is a balance to be found in all of this. That is what I am looking for. In the conversations I have had about this with my wife as well as the ones that go on only in my head, there is one question that nags at me. Do most people feel this way and don’t talk about it. or am I just selfish and day dream too much?

One thing is that will change in about three weeks is that I will finally meet my son! Between the added responsibility that this will bring and their not being enough hours in the day, I have a feeling that any guitar playing in the Klein house will taper off for a season. Or who knows, maybe that is what will help get him to sleep! Either way I want to not let this love of music that was passed down to me fall by the wayside and not get passed on.

Oh, and before I forget As I promised in my last post here are some new photos of stuff around Richmond. Here are a few of the
the famous tennis player, Arthur Ashe. He was from Richmond and had quite and influence on a lot of people. One thing that cracks me up about this statue is that it looks like he is beating the children with a tennis racquet, while withholding books from them.

Or is it just me?