Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Fever....literally

It has been about a week of beautiful weather in Richmond. While I love the spring time, my allergies have been horrible this week. Between my colitis and non-stop sneezing, I pretty much feel like a wreck.

For someone like myself who suffers from an auto-immune disease such as colitis, the two seem to be linked at times. What I mean is that if my allergies are acting up, more than likely my stomach will be acting up as well.

From what I know about how the GI system works, things like anxiety and stress can cause the digestive system to become aggravated. When a good part of my day is spent sneezing, I can't help but feel anxious or stressed because I want to feel better. I take allergy medicine which sometimes helps. One thing I wonder: how is the allergy medicine affecting my stomach? What do others with the same issues do?

Images by beamillion and OliBac


  1. I don't have allergies as such anymore...but I did have asthma as a kid which was triggered by allergies. I got rid of the asthma just after the birth of my first kid, but 7 years later I got UC ... they say there is no link with asthma and UC, but I beg to differ.

  2. So I saw from your profile that you have had UC for about 2 years. It was June of 08' that I got diagnosed with it. What are you doing to treat it? I am curious to see what is working for others and what is not.

  3. the problem seems to be that we are all different...I was on salazopyrin, but got a headache intially so was changed over to salofalk. After a move overseas though a a a huge amount of stress, I then found that salofalk didn't seem to be working so went back to salazopyrin and haven't had any headaches here....but like I said we're all different..I don't get the pains that others get..but that could be a matter of time. Stress is a big factor for me, so I try to control it as best as possible, but being in France for 2 years is proving to be easier said that done...the language barrier is killing me...oh that and the fact that France isn't what you call up-to-date on the latest developments on UC. One thing a few of us have been using is hypnotism ... there's a bloke called Guy Cohen who cured himself of UC. I don't doubt this and have been trying out some of his stuff with some success. Others have tried diets (Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) with some success... it's all hit and miss until you find what is right for you...let me know if you can't find info on any of this and I'll pass links onto you....also have a look at Martin's Blog called The Mercy Seat ...he's come a long way in 9 months :D