Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thinking outside the box...maybe.

One of the things I have discovered since after being diagnosed with UC two years ago is how my view of traditional medical treatment here in America has changed.

While I am very grateful for the doctors whose actions in the past have saved my life, it has also been my experience that, for the most part, doctors put little to no effort into educating their patients in a more holistic approach. I have heard countless accounts of those who have healed their gut, or maintained remission through this approach. I have recently been implementing more natural ways of healing. Later today, I am going in for my first acupuncture session! I feel like I have gotten to the point with this disease where I am willing to do anything to feel better. I am tired of traditional medicines that don't work that well, if at all. Let me clarify again that I am not shutting the door on traditional medicine. I just don't want to put all my eggs in that basket.

In my search for alternative treatments I have heard read many accounts of people who swear by the use of one natural remedy. The only problem for me is that it is illegal in my state to use medically. Alright, let me just put this out there. I support the use of marijuana to treat certain illnesses.

It feels weird to say that publicly because I know that our society has ingrained such a negative image of this plant into people's minds. I feel that I need to be honest and real when I write even if I might be misunderstood.

I understand that this is a complicated issue so I wanted to make as clear as possible what I am saying, as well as what I am not saying in regards to this issue. Well, rather than bore spelling out how I feel, hopefully these next statements sums up my overall point.

It bothers me that I can go get narcotics for my pain legally but for something that is naturally occurring I would be punished for seeking relief with. It also bothers me that my even considering this method of treatment makes me feel like a bad person. I believe this to be due to the misinformation, lies and fear that have been fed to myself along with the general public, about this plant. Did I say plant? What's that you say...naturally occurring? Call me crazy but I think that as an intelligent adult I should not be punished for making a well thought out, well educated decision on how to treat my illness. For me it is more about feeling better than it is about getting high. I won't lie, there have been times that I have indulged in smoking.
I liked being high. That being said, ultimately I just want to feel better.

I found this link and I found it to be very educational and informative. I heard a quote by a doctor say that, if marijuana were to be discovered today it would be hailed as the miracle drug of our time.

I was wondering it there is anyone who lives somewhere where MM is legal? I would love to hear from those who have experience with this treatment method. Also I would love to hear what others opinions are on this topic. I really want to be objective, so feel free post something even it you think I won't agree.


  1. I'm with you in feeling frustration over this issue. I agree that you are an adult, and should have some say in how you treat your condition, considering that once again you've been on steroids for a month, have lost several pounds, and still aren't better. The bureaucracy behind whether or not this drug should be legal for all should not stop consenting adults from being able to procure a prescription for it for medical purposes.

    Could you use it illegally? Sure. But your work tests for drugs randomly. Someone abusing narcotics heavily might test positive for, say, morphine or heroin for 5 days. Marijuana - 5-12 weeks. The lack of fairness of all that aside, we have a baby on the way. That's not a risk our family can take.

    It wouldn't be nearly as frustrating if we weren't hearing repeatedly that others have experienced dramatic results from MM. I just want you to feel better too.

  2. Hey Dan. The Mj debate is an interesting one. I suspect the fact that it is so naturally occuring and easy to cultivate is precisely why it's illegal - nobody could put a patent on it and make themselves rich at the expense of the needy...

    I fully support the holistic approach to UC too. You gotta do whatever it takes old boy. The thing that bugs me about the doc's failure to provide an holistic perspective is that this fundamentally fails to recognise and educate UC sufferers with the notion that this disease is different for everyone, in symptoms, in successful treatment. You have to proactive and seek the best combination of approaches that work for your specific disease.

    Goodluck with the acupuncture. I tried it for about 3 years. Found it most useful.

  3. Good point about the patent, Rich.

    Traditional doctors seem to really shy away from the holistic approach. I know Dan's has said over and over for him to eat whatever he wants, and that it matters very little. At the other end of the spectrum, many of the more natural approaches emphasize so much restriction - gotta find a balance that keeps some quality of life - especially if you like to eat!

  4. You both have valid points. It is very difficult to enjoy food when even some of the good, healthy fruits and vegatables I have been counseled by nutricionalists to avoid. There are soooo many different schools of thought in regards to treating UC. It is that everyone is different how they react to different treatment.

    It can be frustrating when well meaning people who know very little about UC or what I have and have not tried come and ask, "Hey have you thought about your diet?" Rich have you had this experience?

  5. Yep. From the doc's I have always had the advice that diet is not important to the UC. But this is blatantly untrue - there are some foods that can make a remarkable difference to my UC. And like everything else... drug treatments, alternative treatments, causes, symptoms, etc, etc... it's different for all the UC-er's I know. For me, it depends, but I find keeping raw fiberous stuff to a minimum helps. Yep. I eat no fruit. Oh and also drink no booze...

    Most 'well meaning' people assume that diet is the key, you're right. I've had all sorts of suggestions. The weirdest being a lovely woman who told me that her nephew cured his UC by embarking on a diet of RAW FOOD ONLY. Including meat! Sounds like a recipe for poisoning and/or death to me. Still, I guess we have to take it in the good faith in which it is meant. They are well meaning after all.

  6. I never tried the leaf myself, but I did have acupuncture for a while and it definitely suppressed my symptoms and let me feel a lot better.

    The leaf is meant to be very good at relieving pain and anxiety.